Case Study- Online Climate Database of Climate Change Cell: A Step towards better Management of the Climate Change Knowledge in Bangladesh
Climate Change Cell is known as “Resource Center” of Bangladesh Government for climate change data, information, awareness building materials, research reports and other publications. Easily accessible climate change data and information are more than important to conduct research and to influence the policies, investments and after all climate resilient development. Recognizing the fact, the Climate Change Cell has come up with a decision to develop an updated and web-enabled climate change database which can provide the stakeholders with easily accessible online data free of cost. It will obviously boost the research and practices on climate change issues in Bangladesh. Although a Climate Change Database (CCD) was developed with the effort of the CCC at its first Phase, it was not as user-friendly as it was expected. Moreover, the database was run in the Cell’s computer section in offline mode and it saw a lack of its publicity up to the mark. Due to all these reasons, the database was hardly used by the stakeholders. The updated and web-enabled climate change database will focus on climate related data, including climate change science, impacts, adaptations and climate risk management in Bangladesh, which can be useful to relevant policy makers, planners and researchers as well. The database will also become a part of the climate change web portal which will be easily accessible through internet connection.

The students, researchers, NGO personnel and the academicians, both from home and abroad,  who need climate change related data and information first target and visit the Department of Environment (DoE) as the Department is the only technical wing of the Ministry of Environment of Forests (MoEF), the focal ministry to address climate change issues in Bangladesh.  The officials of the Cell have to receive a good number of phone calls from the stakeholders for requisition of the climate change knowledge documents. Again, every day, lots of personnel working in climate change fields visit the Cell for necessary data, information and publications. It provides the stakeholders with updated information and knowledge documents as an important routine work. 

One day, Dr. M. A. Sattar, Director General, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), visited the Cell to collect necessary data and information. He was delighted enough to have lots of printed necessary publications. He was also provided the updated brochure of the Cell.  Going through the brochure he came to know that the Cell was going to launch an easily accessible online database with updated data, information materials, research reports and other publications. Dr. Sattar became excited at the news and willingly assured the Cell that he will disseminate this news among other important stakeholders so that they can be benefited from the database.   Like Dr. Sattar, a number of researchers and scientists contacted the Cell over telephone or e-mail or visit in person enthusiastically to learn about the database. They all are waiting for the grand launching of the Climate Change online Database.



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